H2OPS & Beer – a perfect pairing

After seeing this photo someone posted on the H2OPS Instagram page, it reminded me what a great session extender H2OPS is. As an example, I was cleaning up my garage this weekend.  To make it more enjoyable, I put on some music and cracked open one of my favorite beers.  After two, I could tell my productivity was going down.  I pondered cracking another but wisely twisted open a bottle of H2OPS and finished off the job refreshed and hydrated.  If I would have had another beer, it might have been nap time and weekend plans delayed or cut short.

After consuming and serving H2OPS over the course of several years on different occasions and pouring it at over 30 beer festivals, I have come to the strong conclusion that H2OPS pairs exceptionally well with beer.  H2OPS is brewed with hops (like beer) and when drinking a H2OPS after drinking a beer, it feels like you are still in the session.  Yet there is no alcohol or calories.  It tastes more refreshing and a bit different for sure, but it doesn’t shock your system like drinking plain or sparkling water as a spacer.

Of course H2OPS is fantastic as a stand-alone beverage enjoyed without beer, but H2OPS as a “session extender” is one of its most enjoyable and life improving uses.


Paul Tecker
Founder & Brewer
H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water

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