Celebrating 5 Years of Happiness Through Hops

Its hard to believe that it was back in 2012, when I was home brewing with some backyard grown hops, when lightening struck to create what may be the first ever hop brewed sparking water.  After 2 years of trials (watering the yard with less than perfect batches) and blowing the minds of beer drinkers in tests at beer festivals, I founded the company in 2014.  Our brewing methods are craft and our original only contains a blend of hops and water for flavor.  This naturally results in zero alcohol, zero calories and zero gluten.   Without the sugary grains, malts and yeasts in beer, the taste of H2OPS is something entirely new and astoundingly refreshing.

Our motto is happiness through hops and we simply believe that the amazing flavor of hops should be enjoyed on more occasions.  This is not a non-alcoholic beer, it’s a hoppy sparkling water that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with no stigma attached.  This is revolutionary for hop heads (like me) to expand our enjoyment of hops and a game changer for the growing number of people who choose for health and other reasons not to drink beer or alcohol or just take a break.


Paul Tecker

Founder & Hop Pioneer