h2ops hop water design

We have received many compliments on our hop drop graphic and  h2ops hop water label, so I thought it would be cool to give credit where it is due. Ross Buswell at Atmosphere Design is the artist who created the h2ops graphics and label. Ross has some pretty amazing craft beer brand work in his portfolio and was even featured in a new book called “cool beer labels.”  Although the craft beer work was impressive, he assured me that this innovative hop water work was in his wheelhouse.  I think you will agree that he did a phenomenal job. The distinctive water drop icon is a cross between a hop and a water drop and to me has just the right feel and is crazy creative.  Accordingly, we have taken steps to register the h2ops hop drop as an official trademark and plan to use it more and more in our packaging and logo merch.


Paul Tecker

Founder & Brewer H2OPS hop water

H2OPS and the hop drop logo are trademarks of H2OPS LLC.