What a Journey

It is hard to believe it has been over 6 years since the H2OPS trademark was officially born.  After years of development and testing, we launched in November 2014 at a BevMo! Beer Festival at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.  That’s my sister Anne in the photo, who gratefully dropped everything to help me pour sample after sample for the unexpected crush of people lining up to try this unheard of hop water creation. Back then, there was no Dry January or Sober Curious movements in place.  For us, it was about moderation choices and just enjoying what I loved on more occasions….the flavor from hops.   Since then, we have built a community of like-minded drinkers and even provided a social reawakening to those who have abstained from alcohol permanently.  It has been rewarding to hear the many stories on the lives we have improved in small but meaningful ways. 

A big thank you to our supporters, customers and retailers who took big risks in carrying something new and unproven.

Today we have competitors large and small offering different hop water choices and helping to create awareness and credibility for this new category of healthy beverages we take pride in having created. Our mission continues to be the true craft brewed, best and most authentic expression of hop water. I cannot wait to see how the next 6 years develops. 



My name is Paul Tecker and I am a long time home brewer, craft beer enthusiast and self-proclaimed hop aficionado. For nearly 15 years, I have been involved with the thriving natural and organic beverage industry and continue to be convinced that the future is bright for healthier food and beverages. One of my hobbies is growing hops in my back yard for home brewing. This led to the creation of my H2OPS brand hop water. Although I was born in the Pacific Northwest (where hops flourish) I now make my home in Southern California with my wife and two growing boys.

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