Hydrating hop heads at LA Beer Week

What an incredible day and venue for the #LABW7 festival Saturday at Exposition Park Los Angeles. Thank you to all who came by and sampled our hop water. It was so gratifying to see the faces of people trying it for the first time. It typically started with an “I am intrigued” and ended with “that’s amazing, it’s so refreshing, not what I expected, can I have some more and finally where can I buy some?”

We had a steady flow of people coming by the booth in the beginning, but mid festival until the end we had line ups of people.  Many who came up said they were told by their friends that they had to go over and try the hop water. Overall the event was confirmation that we are onto something.  It totally boosts my confidence as I work to convince skeptical distributors and retailers that hops can be enjoyed on more occasions than in craft beer.


Paul Tecker

Founder & Brewer H2OPS hop water

H2OPS and the hop drop logo are trademarks of H2OPS LLC.


My name is Paul Tecker and I am a long time home brewer, craft beer enthusiast and self-proclaimed hop aficionado. For nearly 15 years, I have been involved with the thriving natural and organic beverage industry and continue to be convinced that the future is bright for healthier food and beverages. One of my hobbies is growing hops in my back yard for home brewing. This led to the creation of my H2OPS brand hop water. Although I was born in the Pacific Northwest (where hops flourish) I now make my home in Southern California with my wife and two growing boys.

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