So what is hop water and how did I come to discover it? It’s actually similar to the story you may have heard about the discovery of green tea. In the case of tea, the story goes that leaves blew off the tea plant into the emperor’s cup of water, he tasted it and it was good. Well I am not an emperor but inspiration came when I was brewing beer one day. I had picked all of the hop cones off my back yard hop bines (not a typo) and had quite a few left over. Perhaps it had something to do with the home brew I was drinking, but it seemed like a good idea to not waste the remaining hops. So I made up a sparkling hop water by brewing the hops with water and carbonated it in my kegerator. Like the emperor and his tea, it was actually good!   This started a 2 year effort (which is still going on today) to brew the perfect hop water. Brewers use many techniques to coax out the complex hop flavors and there are over 100 varieties of hops in commercial use; all with different flavor and bitterness characteristics. This has been no small journey! Currently I use a proprietary blend of northwest hops and some innovative brewing techniques, which seem to have good results.

Thanks for checking out my blog/news post chronicling the creation of h2ops and other ramblings about hops and beverages.


Paul Tecker

Founder & Brewer H2OPS hop water

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My name is Paul Tecker and I am a long time home brewer, craft beer enthusiast and self-proclaimed hop aficionado. For nearly 15 years, I have been involved with the thriving natural and organic beverage industry and continue to be convinced that the future is bright for healthier food and beverages. One of my hobbies is growing hops in my back yard for home brewing. This led to the creation of my H2OPS brand hop water. Although I was born in the Pacific Northwest (where hops flourish) I now make my home in Southern California with my wife and two growing boys.

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