Zero alcohol?

So how can it be that h2ops hop water doesn’t have any alcohol? Well it helps to understand where alcohol comes from.  In beverages, the source of alcohol is from sugars, which are fermented by yeast, which in turn produces alcohol.  Our hop water may be loaded with hops, but there are no fermentable sugars or yeast and therefore no alcohol.

Interestingly, some non-alcoholic (NA) beers start out as alcoholic beers and through a process of high heat, most of the alcohol is removed…along with a lot of the flavor.  After this removal process, there is typically some alcohol remaining. 0.5% is the legal limit to be considered a NA beverage in the US. Despite being below the limit, regulations require a person to be 21 years or older to purchase NA beer. h2ops hop water is not a beer or even a NA beer by any definition. Our unique hop water is simply brewed hops and sparkling water and is an innovative new part of the flavored water category.


Paul Tecker

Founder & Brewer H2OPS hop water

H2OPS and the hop drop logo are trademarks of H2OPS LLC.

My name is Paul Tecker and I am a long time home brewer, craft beer enthusiast and self-proclaimed hop aficionado. For nearly 15 years, I have been involved with the thriving natural and organic beverage industry and continue to be convinced that the future is bright for healthier food and beverages. One of my hobbies is growing hops in my back yard for home brewing. This led to the creation of my H2OPS brand hop water. Although I was born in the Pacific Northwest (where hops flourish) I now make my home in Southern California with my wife and two growing boys.

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